Helping  small and mid-size employers stabilize and reduce their healthcare benefit costs while improving employee wellness through self-insured plans is a business model developed by the team at Alternivest and deployed through our affiliate company kōmedix.

The kōmedix self-insured solution™ is a data driven system designed to help employers deploy an effective program for stabilizing and successfully managing the ever-rising costs associated with employee healthcare benefits.

Our team of experts makes it easy to prepare for the uncertainties that surround healthcare, reduce health insurance costs, maximize employee wellness and improve the company bottom line.

A step by step process helps eligible employers stabilize and reduce the costs associated with health insurance.

The kōmedix self-insured solution™  helps you to create an IRS-compliant plan that insures real risks associated with health care and a robust wellness program that will create substantial financial benefits.

  • Compliance with Federal statutes
  • Elimination of state mandated benefits
  • Efficient risk funding mechanism
  • Robust employee wellness programs
  • Clinical integration of providers
  • Integration of plan data for executive management