Rounding the home stretch

The beginning of the new year finds the crew completing the ceb wall sections to the proscribed heights at either end, 8 feet and 11 feet, and prepping to lay the wood bond beam. We chose wood over concrete for cost reasons, weight reasons and in the interest of simplicity. The blocks took the screws beautifully and provided very impressive anchoring. Which is not really surprising when you see the cross section of a block in the picture below. The block was cut with a miter saw and a wood blade. Not a happy moment for the blade, but an effective means of cutting bevels in the blocks for our sloping side walls.




With the bond beam in place, the roof rafters started taking shape. We have very deep overhangs specified for the roof, 3 feet over the short end of the structure, 4 feet over the front, and 2 feet to either side. This will help protect the building from the elements and provide a lot of shade around the walls. We're a hot humid climate zone so the shading is an important part of the passive cooling program.


Final roof details were worked out today and yours truly, the solar chimney man, just had to find a way to put all that great summer heat to use COOLING the structure. More details to come as that unfolds. 


The guys working on this project are developing some great skills and are showing talent in executing a loft style ceb structure. With the roof structure complete tomorrow, plastering can begin in earnest. A subject worthy of a post in and of itself. We'll be using a traditional lime and clay plaster ammended with nopales cactus "juice" which provides a natural latex to the mix. I haven't personally seen it, only had reports of how beautiful it looks. Looking forward to that part.