5 Rational Constitutional Ammendments

State Senator Jeff Wentworth addressed the Downtown Rotary Club of San Antonio today and laid out 5 key amendments he feels will bring real and positive change to the United States:

1. Term limits: 12 years for all members of congress.
2. Balanced budget
3. Line Item Veto for the President
4. A 2/3 majority of states required to raise the debt ceiling.
5. The ability to repeal an act of congress with 2/3 of states' approval

He went on to say that of the two methods provided for in the US constitution to enact amendments, only one has ever been used. The second, an article 5 convention, should, in his opinion, be called for. Such a convention would allow the states, with a 3/4 majority to propose and approve the five amendments listed above.

Great outside the box thinking and kudos to Senator Wentworth.