The Beginning

Where to begin a new blog theme? After years of research, study, development and planning, the first earth architecture projects are finally coming out of the ground! I started this blog to begin to document and share both the research effort and its results and the actual physical manifestations of my interest in earth architecture.

This interest originated with a question: "isn't there a better way to cool our homes and offices in the heat of the summer? What about controlling humidity?" And so it began.

This may be a bit like watching a movie that transpires in the present with flashbacks to the past. Today, we officially launched our building process with compressed earth block on a test structure. This test structure was designed to be a scale model to test detailing for our 14 unit apartment complex planned for quarter 1 2012. This will be San Antonio's first and only compressed earth block multi family structure. This test "shed" is designed to look like this:

The first step is to set the foundation. We will be using a dual footing foundation which was widely used by Frank Lloyd Wright and which he referred to as a rubble foundation. More details on that to come on a future blog post. The foundation trenches were dug at twice the width of the supporting beams and will be back-filled with one inch gravel. The extra width will help in ensuring proper drainage away from the building.



More posts to follow as the project unfolds over the next two weeks. I generate a great deal of interest around our efforts to build "green" and energy efficient using what some refer to as "post industrial architecture."